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21 - 30/06/2019

The theme of the Leap of Faith Idiom, the main programme of the 28th Malta Festival Poznań, is the human need for spirituality and how it is fulfilled. Reyigions and their proposed concepts of God are one of the answers to this need, but not the only one. Every person is confronted with their finitude, the fragility of their existence, an inner lacking and with what is outside their grasp. They also venture beyond their own individual limits seeking meaning in various dimensions, accompanied by anxiety, doubt and risk, and by constant self-undermining. Such doubt is not unfamiliar also to the Christian faith. Acording to many theologians and clergymen, resistance, a constant dialogue with God and with oneself is inherent to the faith, despite some believers rejecting such ambiguity.

We are interested, therefore, in what individuals opr for, what constitutes their system of values and where they find sense. To act, to make decisions, to exist, you have to believe in something. A leap of faith is a decision to go on. It is a jump into the unknown, a move that needs to be made to change something in yourself and the world around you. It is a form of commitment. One form of such commitment is art, and this is the key theme of Needcompany’s curatorial concept. Entering the unknown, experimenting and risking that nothing will emerge from the e ort is integral to artistic activity. The artists of Needcompany often emphasize that art restores one’s faith in being able to be together despite differences and the world’s growing polarisation. This faith has also been at the heart of Malta Festival Poznań since its first edition in 1991.

Dorota Semenowicz, Kasia Tórz
Malta Festival Poznań programme section