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15 - 24/06/2018

photo Klaudyna Schubert
Galleryphoto Klaudyna Schubert

This year, the Hotel Rzymski was among Malta's partners. The Hotel Rzymski, designed by architect August Soller, was constructed in the years 1837–1840 by august Krause. The building was harmonized with the neighboring area, which was then becoming the second center of Poznan. The hotel was elegant and comfortable. With the passage of time, it was expanded and the first floor was occupied byy tradesmen. Reconstructed in the lae 19th c, the hotel became an even more stylish landmark of the city, visited by a growing number of tourists and businessmen.

After World War II, the hotel experienced it's downfall. It was renamed the Poznanski Hotel, and in the 50's its interiors and faced were nondescript.

The process of rejuvenating the hotel was initiated in 1990. It was redecorated, modernized and given the name Hotel Rzymski. A growing number of guests have visited the hotel, the majority of them have felt at home there and regularly came back. The hotel offers 87 diversified and fully-equiooed rooms. Guests of the hotel are treated to individual service there. Since 1991, the building works Bistro Romana, and at the turn of the New Year's Eve in 2000 opened a restaurant de Rome.

The Hotel Rzymski has been truly rejuvenated and continused it's glorious traditions.

More information can be found on the website of the Rzymski Hotel: www.hotelrzymski.pl.