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15 - 24/06/2018

photo M. Zakrzewski
Galleryphoto M. Zakrzewski

The third edition of LECHSTARTER, a program which transforms Polish cities, is under way. We are proud to inform you that Malta Foundation's project of Mobile furniture for the city of Poznań qualified to the final in the GRANT category!

1. Click on the "VOTE" banner above.
2. Type in your name, surname and e-mail.
3. Confirm your vote in an e-mail message, which will be sent to the address you typed in.
4. Confirm that you are over 18 (if it is true) and click NEXT.
5. Out project is in the GRANT category under the 5th square - just click VOTE.
6. Repeat every day until May 17th!

For 5 years Malta has been connecting spaces (empty squares, run-down courtyards, streets, roofs and empty apartments) with initiatives and transforming urban wasteland into spaces of integration and intergenerational encounters. We plant greenery, we organize workshops, open-air cinemas and artistic interventions. We use multifunctional urban furniture in all our endeavors. 

We built our furniture in 2013 for a month-long festival, and for 5 years we have been using it for thousands of events and lending it to various organizations and initiatives. Unfortunately, today most of it is not fit for use. That is why we want to build new furniture, which will allow us to continue transforming the city. We wish to use it to be able to invite the inhabitants to countless actions in various quarters of Poznań: socially engaged artistic residences, exhibitions, concerts on housing estates, picnics in community gardens, film screenings in uninhabited buildings, as well as other neighbouring initiatives. 

Thanks to our extensive experiences we know what kind of infrastructure is conducive to integration, while being multifunctional, mobile and adjusted to people of various ages. We asked Jola Starzak and Dawid Strębicki, architects who opened a studio in Poznań after years of working in Belgium, to design the furniture for us. We are planning to buy chairs and create the following unique pieces:

- tables of two sizes;
- benches of two heights, which may be constructed into a two-level audience space;
- over-sized pillows;
- banner pots for plants.
The furniture will be fit for outdoor use, but it may also be used indoors in the winter season. We want Poznań's urban initiatives to be able to use our furniture!

Everyone can vote for their favorite project every day until 23:59 on 17.05.2018.