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15 - 24/06/2018

photo Morgane Benyamina | Fritz Welch
Galleryphoto Morgane Benyamina | Fritz Welch

Maarten Seghers' new performance is a pulsating mix of composition and performance. Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way premieres at the Malta Festival. 

A portrait of a group of decadent ‘Western’ artists who run endlessly onward. the performance is a pressure cooker bursting with boundless e ort which leads to an exuberant optimism that has lost all sense of direction. The effort made to communicate in this concert is boundless, but wrongly directed. Maarten Seghers makes music, installations and performances. he has been a member of Needcompany since 2001.

It is the third part of a triptych in which Seghers continues his quest for the border area between entertainment and tragedy.

"I am searching for the potential tragedy in the attempts of pop musicians to communicate and of artists to be heard. This is where tragedy and entertainment come together. They are not presumed to belong together; they do not exist without each other" — Maarten Seghers.

Concert by a Band Facing the Wrong Way – which Malta is a coproducer – you will be see during the festival: 18 and 19 June at 20:00 in the Aula Artis. You can read more about the concert at website Needcompany.