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15 - 24/06/2018

This year's Malta Generator – a space of social and artistic activity focused around the city and localness – is themed in Doubting localness. The program features a look at the first welfare estates in Poznań, we will peek beneath the surface of the Św. Marcin renovation and we will listen to the stories of people who were forced to migrate.

"We will doubt localness together, but not angrily, not in order to shun it, but to give it new contexts and meanings. While making a leap of faith we will imagine what closeness can be in a globalised world of multiple truths and values", explain the curators Joanna Pańczak and Agnieszka Różyńska.

One of the themes touched upon in the program is Fluid identity. Tomorrow at sunset we will meet on the beach at Strzeszyńskie Lake to take part in a dance show entitled Nobody is Alone. The show has been organised by the international group Future V – a dance platform from Berlin for nonheteronormative persons with experiences as refugees. Three days later at Cityzen swimming pool we will see the premiere of The Real Show, which will be a collaboration of several artists. Twoja Stara and Lola Potocki will perform as the twoja Lola duo, and they will be accompanied by the musical trio Braki.

The Human Mic cycle is also under way. It is inspired by the sound systems employed during the Occupy Wall Street protests. The cycle will feature conversations with Nikos and Katherina - restaurant owners for the Greek Island of Lesbos who, joined by locals, foreign voluntary workers and refugees, created Home for All, a place where everyone feels at home. A meeting with a journalist and activist Anna Alboth will be an opportunity to talk about the Civil March For Aleppo - an 8 month expedition from Berlin to Syria.