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15 - 24/06/2018

photo Klaudyna Schubert
Galleryphoto Klaudyna Schubert

Malta is present all over the city. Throughout June you can take part in artistic projects not only on Liberty Square, but also on Święty Marcin, by Strzeszyńskie Lake, on Poznań's housing estates and in uninhabited buildings. The program includes audiovisual projects by Needcompany, a photojournalistic exhibition by Ahmed Deeb and walks on the routes of sentimental maps.

In the program of the Idiom

The curators of this year's Idiom Leap of faith will come to us not only with plays and concerts. The program also features audiovisual projects of two artistic duos. From 18 to 23 June we will have presentations of 18 Videos by Lot Lemm and Grace Ellen Barkey at the Pavilion. The artists have used fragile materials such as porcelain, fabric and threads to create extraordinary and often absurd human-sized figures. While the duo OHNO COOPERATION, i.e. Jan Lauwers and Maarten Seghers, cast a critical eye at the institutionality of modern art. Their Glory Hole presents a gallery as an artificial construct, where no risks may be taken. The Ohno Cooperation Conversations cycle is a record of two conversations of artists representing different generations. The first one – Ontology – poses a question about the role of the artist and the work of art in society. The second one – Tautology – offers a new interpretation of a dialogue from ten years ago.

In the neighbourhood of Liberty Square and Święty Marcin

Thanks to a large-scale installation entitled Organism we will join forces to fill Liberty Square with sounds. The project has been prepared by young designers from School of Form and composers from the Academy of Music Poznań under the guidance of Jola Starzak and Rafał Zapała. The Malta Generator program will be commented on by Working Title, which is a cycle of artistic situations and walks on and around Liberty Square. Artists and activists from Poznań and Warsaw will invite frequenters of the square to their quarters, which will become meeting places and starting points of joint projects.

Resident programs implemented since February on three Poznań estates built in 1930s as a part of welfare housing projects will have their culmination on Malta: Sarmatian House, 3 x Happy End and Let's Play Thousands. Welfare housing estates have also been the source of inspiration for an open-air exhibition The scale of transformations. Located by the Liberty fountain, the exhibition will be comprised of photographs by Tytus Szabelski and collages by Karolina Wojciechowska. After the official opening of this exhibition we will move to Ratajczaka Street, where there will be an opening of another one entitled Third safe country. The works of a Palestinian photojournalist Ahmed Deeb, showing the consequences of the refugee crisis will be juxtaposed with avant-garde films Border by Laura Waddington and No border by Sylvaina George.

For the duration of the festival the part of Święty Marcin Street which is currently under reconstruction will become the site of a performance on change. Together with the Museum Travel Agency we will ponder not only about changes in the urban landscape but also changes of ideas and political systems. An empty venue on Święty Marcin will house an exhibition by Basia Bilon and Agnieszka Różyńska entitled Blank Space, which poses questions about the boarders between freedom of speech and hate speech.

In the city 

Upon Malta Festival's request a group of artists spent several weeks collecting memories, archive photographs, trajectories of walks, and associations from locals. They were used to make sentimental maps of Kopernika and Piastowskiego Estates, as well as the Jeżyce quarter. With a map in our hands we will follow their routes. On the eve of the festival opening, the author Barbara Prądzyńska accompanied by locals and their extraordinary stories, will take us on a walk on Kopernika Estate. After the walk we will have a concert by Żółte Kalendarze. On 21 June we will follow the creators of Mosaic of remembrance on a route of vanishing sites and places. Agnieszka Chlebowska will take us to obscure nooks and crannies of Jeżyce. On 24 June Dominika Mądry will lead us in the Footsteps of Poznań's theatre alternative.

This year we will climb the highest buildings of Poznań for the fourth time. This time we will conquer Bałtyk, the Alfa buildings, Omega and (for the first time!) the spire of International Poznań Fair.