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15 - 24/06/2018

1095, Lisaboa Houbrechts & Kuiperskaai/ photo Stijn Eeckhout
Gallery1095, Lisaboa Houbrechts & Kuiperskaai/ photo Stijn Eeckhout
  • 1095 takes us back to the eleventh century. It is the story of a young Benedictine monk who flees the abbey of Ghent and travels across Europe in exile. In the southern French town of Clermont in that same year of 1095, Pope Urbanus II gives a notorious sermon in which he exhorts the populace to rid the holy city of Jerusalem of the enemies of every Christian – Muslims. It is here that the summons to the Crusades is launched.

    1095, directed by Lisaboa Houbrechts and based on victor Lauwers’ text, is not a realistic tale. The young theatre makers’ aim is to reach pure, tangible emotions and the physicality of the body. They examine how mysticism has merged with extremism and dreams of modernisation, and how corporeal control mechanisms have survived through the ages.

  • Lisaboa Houbrechts 

    (b. 1992) obtained her Master’s in Drama at the School of Arts Ghent | KASK Ghent in 2016. She writes and directs. Together with Victor Lauwers, Romy Louise Lauwers and Oscar van der Put, she founded the theatre company Kuiperskaai, the artistic base of operations for a whole range of projects. Characteristic features of her productions are a large cast, vibrant interaction between visuals and literary scripts, and an intelligent cross-fertilisation of disciplines, including performance, music, choreography, literature and visual art. Her productions are often baroque and brazen, but also playful and disarming. Recently she made a big splash with her sparkling adaptation of Shakespeare’s A Winter’s Tale (The Winter’s Tale, 2016). The press described The Goldberg Chronicles (2014) as ‘an immense clash of energies…the language is the colour, the acting is the image, the music is the paint’.

    Victor Lauwers

    He lives in Brussels. In 2012 he co-founded Kuiperskaai. His work as a writer is closely bound up with the company’s stage work and exhibitions. 1095 is his first script for the stage.


    is an artists’ collective of performers, musicians, visual artists and writers. Their theatre work directed by Lisaboa Houbrechts is best known for its adaptation of William Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale, which toured Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Kuiperskaai is now surrounded by a regular network of partners. Their productions are made in cooperation with CAMPO, Monty kultuurfaktorij, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, Needcompany and Toneelhuis. Kuiperskaai’s forte is linking visual art with theatre and literature.

    Kuiperskaai was founded by Lisaboa Houbrechts (1992), Romy Louise Lauwers (1994), Victor Lauwers (1991) and Oscar van der Put (1989) in 2012. The four members moved into a large open space on Kuiperskaai in Ghent, where they created and presented their first works. Kuiperskaai has since relocated to Molenbeek where they continue their work from The Mill.

  • Author: Victor Lauwers
    Director: Lisaboa Houbrechts
    With: Seppe Decubber, Lobke Leirens, Romy Louise Lauwers, Victor Lauwers, Maxime Rouquart
    Assistant-director: Pauwel Hertmans
    Scenography: Oscar van der Put
    Costume: Sietske Van Aerde
    Music: Maxime Rouquart
    Cello recording: Simon Lenski
    Light: Ken Hioco
    Technics: Pauwel Hertmans, Oscar van der Put
    Production: Kuiperskaai
    Coproduction: Kultuurfaktorij Monty, Toneelhuis
    Thanks to: Needcompany, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp
    With the support of the Flemish Community