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15 - 24/06/2018

photo Bryan Eubanks
Galleryphoto Bryan Eubanks
  • In her practice, Maria Zimpel seeks a new language of movement. Rejecting the forms and tools for creating movement that she considers obsolete, she develops new ones. From these explorations a choreography of Body and Fiction emerges whereby the embodied imagination becomes a creative force. Dance is based on motion generated by finding energy bands in the body based on internal maps. The bands, awakened in corporeality, allow the performer’s body to transform into new organisms, new life forms.

  • Choreography, dance: Maria Zimpel
    Music: Bryan Eubanks
    Spatial object design, costume: Dorota Kabała / We Design for Physical Culture
    Object construction: Alessandro Gagliardi / ThinkDO Studio 
    Lighting design and engineering: Paweł Winiarski
    Production: CSW Zamek Ujazdowski / Program rezydencyjny „Nadawanie i przyjmowanie formy”
    Coproduction: Maria Zimpel

    Special acknowledgments to Centrum Łowicka w Warszawie for providing a studio