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15 - 24/06/2018

  • For nearly two decades, Paulina Przybysz has been fascinating us with her voice in bands like Sistars, Pinnawela, Rita Pax and Archeo, with whom she has released seven albums. The holder of numerous accolades, including the Fryderyk and Super Jedynka, whose openness to music has led to countless studio and concert projects, as well as collaborations with artists like Stanisław Sojka, Tomasz Stańko, the Night Marks Electric Trio and Envee.

    With her 2017 album Chodź Tu, Paulina appears for the first time under her full name, because, as she puts it, 'she has something specific to say.' The album was appreciated by the music industry winning the Fryderyk award for Best Album in the Electronica category. On Chodź Tu, Paulina returns to the music with which she began her career, merging hip-hop beats with soul vocals. Heavy electronics and trap drums intertwine with organic samples, piano, cello and the sounds of nature. The album was produced by members of the Night Marks Electric Trio: Marek Pędziwiatr, Spisek Jednego and Adam Kabaciński, as well as Zamilska, Teielte, Andres Koper, Sander Mulder, Jacek Antosik and Paulina herself. Her music, combined with specific poetics, tells the story of relationships, love, politics, freedom, erotica and the music industry. There is a lot to say about Chodź Tu, but it is best described by its creator who says that most of all it is 'honest and a little shameless.'