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15 - 24/06/2018

  • Playing and experiencing music automatically creates a community, a temporary one or one lasting through generations, in which a structure of tasks and negotiable positions or emotions emerges spontaneously. Can urban space be designed as an inclusive musical instrument? Liberty Square will be the site of a large-scale sound installation created by composers from the Academy of Music in Poznań and designers from the School of Form.

    Designers: Volha Bandarenka, Mariia Pylypenko, Przemysław Degórski, Sebastian Dembski, Maksymilian Kamiński, Michał Janocha, Ada Łożyńska, Olena Paziuk, Magdalena Skoczylas, Jan Skorupa and Aleksandra Słyż
    supervisors: Jola Stażak and Rafał Zapała