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15 - 24/06/2018

photo Jakub Wittchen
Galleryphoto Jakub Wittchen
  • The Per-sona pulsates between the voice of the body and the body of the voice, between the (in)visible and the (in)audible. As it listens to the sound of the voice, both its materiality and elusiveness, it places the body’s sonic signature. The boundaries between what is inside and outside are blurred. The voice is a presence that goes beyond the body and penetrates spaces; a force that unites sensuality and intimacy; a dynamic vibrating in pleasure, ugliness, beauty and madness, in the familiar and the unknown.

  • Choreography, performance: Katarzyna Sitarz
    Dramaturgy: Eleonora Zdebiak
    Artistic supervision: Bush Hartshorn
    Production: Art Stations Foundation by Grażyna Kulczyk
    As part of: Solo Projekt Plus 2016
    With the support of: Kooperatywa Łaźnia, Fundacja Witryna Kultury w Szczecinie