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15 - 24/06/2018

The Moon, MaisonDahlBonnema/ photo Lambert de Jong
GalleryThe Moon, MaisonDahlBonnema/ photo Lambert de Jong
  • The Moon is an opera for four singers conceived as One Big Song shared and sung together. It is set in a future where solitude, loneliness and the impossibility of communicating are vaporized and replaced by an eternal adolescence: a life in the middle of countless possibilities. Fluid identities in a state of refusal about the impossible choices between various disguises of contemporary nothingness.

    The Moon is a live-group installation, a perforated opera-synthesis shaped as a ritual. It is set in a non-existing time and a non-existing situation. It is inspired by bacteria. Neither fiction nor reality but an artificiality. A reflection of a highly weird virtuality. The Moon invites the audience on a crazy trip around nothing: a celebration of the subnormal. In a laid-back atmosphere, we're going to stretch our brains in this limited space called theatre along with the audience. Let's dig that hole! And make it deep!

    I am the moon
    it could be that I am
    more moon than
    I am myself

    In The Moon, which is more a one-big-song performance than an opera in the traditional sense, the body regains its immanent vitality. It becomes the centre point of a ritualized universe. While singing an ocean of reflections and thoughts, the bodies create naive patterns in time and space that could alternately refer to minimal-art principles of the 1960s or the basic dances of utopian communities at the beginning of the twentieth century. The performance The Moon practices a physical belief in abstraction, beyond behaviour laws of social contact. It gives a glimpse of a universe, where everything becomes one because of a shared interest in the naivety of form and devotion in execution.

    – Robert Steijn

  • MaisonDahlBonnema

    MaisonDahlBonnema is the name adopted by the duo Hans Petter Melø Dahl and Anna Sophia Bonnema.
These two performing artists have since 1999 played an important part in Jan Lauwers &
Needcompany’s stage productions.

    Hans Petter Dahl has been a co-founder of, and for many years a performer with, the Norwegian cult
group Baktruppen. In 1995 Dahl and Bonnema set up Love & Orgasm. Since then they have created a
great many performances as a duo or with other artists, at the meeting point of composed music, visual
art, literature and theatre. Dahl and Bonnema are constantly redefining themselves: from Love &
Orgasm through L & O Amsterdam to MaisonDahlBonnema, which opened in 2003 as a virtual concept
house that launches new collections of ideas in the form of clothes, music, video and writing. Their
performances display a radical preference for the autonomous juxtaposition of the various means of
stage production. The audience itself has more than once also become part of the overall setting. Dahl
and Bonnema work out everything themselves: the writing, the music, the design and the acting.

    In 2007 MaisonDahlBonnema made their first opera: “The Ballad of Ricky and Ronny – a Pop Opera”,
followed by “Ricky and Ronny and Hundred Starts – a Sado Country Opera” in 2010, and at last “Analysis
– the Whole Song” in 2011. From the beginning, this opera trilogy has been on tour in three continents
and fourteen countries with more than 80 performances. Audience has seen their work from Norway to
Calgary, over Tokyo, Paris and Sweden to Belgium, Croatia among many others. In 2014 “Rhythm
Conference feat. Inner Splits” was realized. This rhythmical-performative-ritual stated a ‘goodbye’ to
anthropocentrism and placed all the ‘things’ in the universe as a monstrous ‘too-much’ while preparing
to leave the planet earth.

    Since 2007, MaisonDahlBonnema explores the concept of opera in a contemporary format. 

  • Per-/platformers: Anna Sophia Bonnema, Hans Petter Melø Dahl, Davis Freeman, Joana Preiss
    Concept: Anna Sophia Bonnema, Hans Petter Melø Dahl
    Text: Anna Sophia Bonnema
    Music: Hans Petter Melø Dahl
    Moonlight by: Minna Tiikkainen
    Dramaturgy by: Robert Steijn
    Production by: Gulli Sekse, MaisonDahlBonnema
    Production assistance: Eva Blaute
    Co-produced by: Needcompany (BE), De School van Gaasbeek (BE), BIT Teatergarasjen (NO), Dansefestival Barents (NO), Avantgarden (NO), Veem House for Performance (NL)
    With support from: De Brakke Grond (NL)
    Premiere: 12.11 2016, DanseFestival Barents, Hammerfest