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15 - 24/06/2018

”Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba się bać” / Kuba Czekaj
Gallery”Ciemnego pokoju nie trzeba się bać” / Kuba Czekaj
  • Studio Munka is a producer of debut film productions: feature films, documenmaties and animations. Young viewers, who want to produce their films in professional conditions can count on artistic guidance as well as help with production and promotion at Studio Munka. To mark the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Studio Munka, we invite the Malta audience to the courtyard of the Poznań Ballet School for an open-air screening of a selection of the most interesting short film productions of the Studio.

    Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Room (35')
    Kuba Czekaj 

    The protagonist of the film is a little girl, Łata, who carefully observes the complicated relationships in her family and tries to make a song about them for her school's Father's Day concert. The score composer is Zygmunt Konieczny. The film received many awards, including the Grand Prize of the International Student Film and Video Festival in Kyoto, and the Main Prize of the Two Riversides Film and Art Festival in Kazimierz Dolny/Janowiec nad Wisłą.

    Close Ties (19')
    Zofia Kowalewska

    Close Ties. Having been married for 45 years, Barbara and Zdzisław are trying to save their relationship. Eight years prior, Zdzisław left Barbara to live with his mistress. Recently, he decided to return to his wife, who took him back. His return to their shared life under a single roof is not easy for the couple. Zdzisław proposes to organise their anniversary.

    Aria Diva (30')
    Agnieszka Smoczyńska

    The protagonist of the film is a stay-at-home mother focused on raising her children. One day, a famous opera singer moves into the upstairs flat. The new neighbour's carefree approach to life leads the young woman to reflect on the choices she has made in her own life.

    The Whistle (17') 
    Grzegorz Zariczny

    The winner of accolades including the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, the documentary depicts the brutal reality of football games seen from the perspective of an enthusiastic novice referee faced with a dilemma. Should he stick to the tough principles and forever remain an endlessly insulted, local-league referee, or should he adapt his values to the prevailing rules of the game that differ so much from official regulations?

    Easter Crumble (31')
    Julia Kolberger

    Urszula (Kinga Preis) is preparing Easter breakfast, to be attended by her daughter and her English fiancé. She knows nothing about the chosen one of her her beloved only child. It turns out that James is more than thirty years older than the twenty-year-old and is the twice-divorced father of a woman in her late twenties. Easter Crumble is an emotional comedy-drama about complicated family relationships. It has received numerous awards at Polish and international festivals.