Belgian premiere of ‘The Black – Yellow – Red Trilogy’ by Luk Perceval. We highly recommend!

photo by Klaudyna Schubert

As Malta Festival team we were happy to present the world premiere of The Black-Yellow-Red Trilogy – a monumental work directed by Luk Perceval and produced by NTGent in three chapters, now available as a unique theater marathon that reflects the past and present of Europe. In our opinion, the three performances presented in a row within only 2 hours of the technical change each are amazing evidence of the master position of Luk Perceval on the European scene today

“The Trilogy“ is an overt commentary on Luk Perceval’s mother country, although it is not an overtly politically involved theatre. It does not aim to point fingers either. It is a story of a small country’s great aspirations, of people in the melting pot of history, of macro-politics and everyday life. Perceval, who is also a yoga and meditation instructor, believes in a spiritual path that can be opened by theatre. Stage art is for him an art of repeating things over and over again, like a prayer or spell; it reminds us of our mistakes, failures and misfortunes. It is an art of “repeating them every day like a litany, because our memory is short (…) The beauty of this ritual lies in being in a shared space, the space in which all of us focus our attention on the action on stage, action which reiterates the old conflicts. This focus gives us some kind of understanding, empathy or, even better, katharsis“.

– wrote Dorota Semenowicz, a festival programmer in the text ‘Leaving and returning. On Luk Perceval’s work’.

After our great experience and enthusiastic response of the audience and critics who participated in our premiere we would like to recommend you to visit NTGent on 13th of November 2022. You can book your place here:

Programme for 13.11:
09:30: Generous breakfast in the Foyer
11:00: Black – A Journey Into Europe’s Heart Of Darkness: Congo
12:45: Lunch buffet in the Foyer
15:15: Yellow – A Journey Into Europe’s Heart Of Darkness: Rex
17:00: Dinner in the Foyer
19:30: Red – A Journey Into Europe’s Heart Of Darkness: Holy War
21:00: Live music in the Foyer