Malta Festival is reborn with new, feminine energy, full of delight, attentiveness, care, and joy, which will emanate from the rich programme of the multidisciplinary event between September 7th and 15th. There will be plenty of international artists, shows on the streets of Poznań, original debates and unique meetings that will bring hope for a better world that gives nature and women their rightful place.

The slogan of this year’s edition, the first under the aegis of Dominika Kulczyk, is: To Love!

This year’s Malta Festival not only surprises with new products, but also returns to its roots, giving space for joy and shared discovery, building shared memories. From the first day of the Festival, numerous artistic activities will take place on the streets and squares of Poznań which will add a new dimension to public space.

Malta Festival 2024 programme includes unique, world-renowned performances that, apart from the beauty of the artistic form, make us reflect on nature. The festival will also become a stage for artists who believe that art and culture change reality. We want to have fun: by means of musical and theatrical programme we encourage the audience to dance, the programme will also include large, outdoor concerts on Lake Malta, and Poznań, and its theaters will be co-hosts for Maltese viewers.

In line with empowering women in the areas of consciousness, materiality and being – one of Dominika Kulczyk’s main ideas – the Malta Festival is to be a space for development and respite. A special series of events and workshops will be dedicated to women and people looking for inspiration, strength and balance. In the festival programme, celebrating the eleventh anniversary of the Kulczyk Foundation, we will also take a look at issues addressed by the Foundation’s daily activities, such as menstrual health and sisterhood for Ukraine, implemented, among others, by Sestry Project .

Malta Festival will be open and accessible, trying to respond to the various needs of the audience. At selected points in the program, we will provide Polish sign language, subtitles, and care for children during performances and debates.

The festival events will be emanations of the new, feminine face of the festival – for which openness, wisdom, giving choice and space for joint reflection, engaging in conversation with the awareness of the difference of voices, love of beauty and carefreeness are key.