Malta Festival Poznań and Poznań Pride Week 2023 join forces for the music finale


During the finale of the 33rd edition of Malta Festival Poznań, we will join forces with Poznań Pride Week 2033. On 1 July, we would like to invite you to a series of concerts by Polish club and pop music artists. The stage at the Castle Courtyard of CK Zamek in Poznań will be taken over by Natalia Nykiel, Baasch, Bass Brass and DJ Blik feat. Dominika Płonka.

On Saturday 1 July at 8:00 p.m. the Castle Courtyard of CK Zamek in Poznań will be staging concerts by Natalia Nykiel, the queen of Polish electropop, Baascha, with a combination of electronic music with catchy compositions, and Wojtek Urbański’s Bass Brass performing as a sound system. The night will end with an afterparty hosted by DJ Blik and Dominika Płonka. The musical show is brought to you in collaboration with the Stonewall Group, the organiser of the Poznań Pride Week, the second largest LGBT+ event in Poland, after the Equality Parade in Warsaw. Full-day tickets required for the events are available at

Electronic music and pop

The programme of the joint finale features stars of the Polish electronic and pop scene, among them the original and uncompromising singer-songwriter Natalia Nykiel, who released her third studio album, Regnum, last year. The album embraces the dark romantic trend and is her most personal work, luring listeners into an electrifying journey across a fantastic dystopia. The artist made her debut in 2014 with Lupus Electro, for which she was dubbed the queen of Polish electropop. In 2020, she received a Fryderyk Award for her EP Origo.

A year later, the Fryderyk Award for “Electronica Album of the Year” went to Baasch (Bartosz Schmidt) for his album Noc. After three years, the artist returns with his latest release. In Poznań, he will surprise fans with unusual visuals and brand new songs. Bartosz is one of the most original musicians of the Polish alternative music scene, balancing between electronic music, synth and indie pop with a hypnotising voice, catchy compositions and powerful lyrics.

Bass Brass will take us back to the greatest club hits. The band, formed by Wojtek Urbański with Bartek Łupiński, Kuba Łupiński, Kuba Łępa and Grzegorz Pałka, will perform as a sound system. Wojtek, a composer and arranger, the cofounder of the group Rysy, with whom he won a Fryderyk 2022 award for their album 4GET, will feature as DJ accompanied by a brass section and singer.

At the end of the show, DJ Blik and Dominika Płonka will smoothly carry us over to an afterparty, where rave and club music of the 1990s will give us new energy.

Malta Festival Poznań x Poznań Pride Week 2023

The Malta Festival Poznań finale is organised in collaboration with the Stonewall Group Association,  organiser of the Poznań Pride Week, featuring a three-day Pride Fest of performances and concerts by the above artists, as well as Shady Lady, Himera, Ala Urwał, Algebra, Red Juliette, Valenciaga (Drag Race Belgium), Shyness!, Novika, Atlvnta and Kiwi. Full-day tickets required for the events are available at