Frédéric Chopin Park

Podgórna Street
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It is located at ul. Podgórna, at the back of the former Jesuit College and the church of St. Stanislaus the bishop. A large garden, serving economic and didactic purposes, was established at the Jesuit College at the beginning of the 18th century. We know that it served as a botanical garden from the diary of Józef Kalasanty Jakubowski (1788-1877), a professor of nature at the St. Mary Magdalene. He mentioned that the garden was an aid “for lectures on natural sciences”. From 1815, the garden became part of the residence of Antoni Radziwiłł, who transformed it into a park. Expansion of the city, incl. construction in 1938 of the eastern section of ul. Podgórna, caused a significant reduction in the area of ​​the park. In 1961, it was opened to the public and received its present name.

Text from: “Poznań from A to Z” edited by Włodzimierz Łęcki and Piotr Maluśkiewicz, Wydawnictwo Kurpisz SA, Poznań 1998