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02.07 / 12:00




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Black: Congo

obsada / cast Aminata Demba, Bert Luppes, Chris Thys, Frank Focketyn, Lisah Adeaga, Peter Seynaeve, Roberto Jean, Yolanda Mpelé, Sam Gysel

text Fiston Mwanza Mujila, William Sheppard, Aminata Demba, Nganji Mutiri, Steven Heene, Luk Perceval, geïnspireerd door James Baldwin, Jef Geeraerts, Gil Scott-Heron, William Shakespeare, Giordano Bruno, Pagan Kennedy, Lucas Catherine, Joseph Conrad, Jean-Paul Sartre, Aimé Césaire en zuster Adonia

dramaturgia /dramaturgy Steven Heene

Yellow: Rex

obsada / cast Peter Seynaeve, Chris Thys, Lien Wildemeersch, Bert Luppes, Maria Shulga, Oscar Van Rompay, Philip Leonhard Kelz, Valéry Warnotte, Sam Gysel

dramaturgia / dramaturgy Peter van Kraaij, Steven Heene, Margit Niederhuber

Red: Holy War

obsada / cast Bert Luppes, Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Farid Bouzenad, Lisah Adeaga, Maria Shulga, Oscar Van Rompay, Peter Seynaeve, Roberto Jean, Valéry Warnotte, Sam Gysel

text Lisah Adeaga, Rachid Benzine, Michael Bijnens, Farid Bouzenad, Steven Heene, Roberto Jean, Bert Luppes, Dahlia Pessemiers-Benamar, Peter Seynaeve, Maria Shulga, Oscar Van Rompay, Valéry Warnotte, Luk Perceval

dramaturgia / dramaturgy Steven Heene

reżyseria / director Luk Perceval

muzyka /music Sam Gysel

scenografia / set design Annette Kurz

asystent scenografki / assistant set design Sammy Van den Heuvel

kostiumy / costume design Ilse Vandenbussche

reżyseria świateł / lighting design Mark Van Denesse

nagłośnienie / sound design (RED) Frederik Vanslembrouck

konsultacje ruchowe / movement coach Ted Stoffer

asystentka reżysera / director’s assistant Liesbeth Standaert

konsultacje językowe / language coach Elke De Brouwer

producentka / production Greet Prové

producent techniczny / technical production Chris Vanneste

menadżer tournee / tour manager Sophie Frijters
napisy / subtitles: Liesbeth Standaert

menadżer sceny / stage manager Marijn Vlaminck

wsparcie techniczne / technicians Sander Michiels- Geert De Rodder – Emmanuel Desmyter – Eddy De Schepper – Frederik Vanslembrouck – Bart Meeusen

garderobiana / dresser Micheline D’Hertoge

realizacja scenografii / realisation set, props & costumes workshops NTGent 

staż dramaturgiczny / intern dramaturgy: Lilly Busch (BLACK); Martijn Gielen, Ingrid Haugen, Emmeline Henderickx, Delphine Delabeye and Zephyr Brüggen (YELLOW); Annika Serong, Rita Pinheiro and Jesse Van Damme (RED) 

staż scenograficzno-kostiumograficzny / intern set and costume design (YELLOW): Chloé Wasselin

staż aystentka reżysera /intern director’s assistance (RED): Finn Hewson

staż producencki / intern production (YELLOW): Fine Stoffels

podziękowania / thanks to Steve Dugardin

koprodukcja / coproduction Landestheater Niederösterreich, Le Manège Maubeuge (YELLOW); Le Manège Maubeuge (RED)


produkcja zrealizowana dzięki wsparciu / this production was realized with the support of The Belgian Tax Shelter

Additional information

There is a one ticket for each part of trilogy.

The price of the ticket includes refreshments.

Black: Congo

The point of departure for the first part of the trilogy were journals and lectures of an AfricanAmerican missionary, William Henry Sheppard, who was the first foreigner to reach Kongo in 1890. Having returned to the USA, he spoke out loud about the abuse and terror of the Belgian King Leopold II and for voicing these accusations was put on trial before court in Kongo. The performance also alludes to the fragments of other texts, including those of James Baldwin, William Shakespeare, Joseph Conrad and Aimé Césaire.

Yellow: Rex

In the trilogy’s second part, based on Peter van Kraaij’s play, Luk Perceval looks at the Flanders’s participation in the Second World War. What made the young people of the 1930s, dreaming of the new world order, join the Nazi movements in such great numbers?    The performance tells the story of a Flemish family torn by the course of history and the eternal conflict between Flanders and the French-speaking Wallonia. The piece is a polyphony with live music by Sam Gysel, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

Red: Holy War

The third part of the trilogy tells the story of the terrorist attacks at the Maalbeek underground station and Zaventem airport in 2016 in Brussels. They caused the death of 35 people, 340 were injured and were committed by Syrian IS fighters, living in Belgium. Luk Perceval does not reconstruct the facts, but tells the story, which is still very much alive in Belgium, through the testimony of a confused father of a terrorist and the letters of Nour, a girl who out of love left for Syria and had a daughter there.

Performances schedule:

12:00 – Black: Congo

14:00 – Pause

16:00 – Yellow: Rex

18:00 – Pause

20:00 – Red: Holy War

21:45 – The End