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21 - 30/06/2019

  • This year, Malta Festival opens with a colourful parade featuring airborneacrobatics created by the French theatre company Transe Express. The group was founded in 1982 by dancer and choreographer Brigitte Burdinor and sculptor Gilles Rhode. Today the group’s members include actors, dancers, singers, drummers, acrobats, bell-ringers, welders and blacksmiths who work together to create ephemeral projects or repertoires,air performances or projects in close contact with the audience. The company has participated in performing arts festivals around the world and in major events like the opening ceremonies of the Albertville Winter Olympic Games in 1992 and the World Alpine Skiing Champion shipsin Val d'Isèrein 2009.

    The Poznań performance begins with a colourful parade led by three five-metre-tall singers. Accompanied by dancers, acrobats and a drummer, they progress from Wolności Square to Mickiewicza Square turning the city into a huge ‘opera house’ and weaving pizzazz into the quiet city fabric. The parade ends with a new version of Mobile Homme, a performance which Transe Express showed at Malta Festival in 1993. Once again, the company performs suspended high above the audience, resembling a baby cot carousel.