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21 - 30/06/2019

photo. Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl
Galleryphoto. Alexander Matthias Kosnopfl
  • Over the past few years, Anne Juren has been unfolding a Fantasmical Anatomy. In The Lessons she expanded the images of the body and its boundaries by proposing a textual moving landscape and including poetic, fantastical, speculative and imaginative dimensions and by placing choreography inside the body of the spectator. Each lesson is a performance – it exposes and treats a different body part with the dynamics of desire, through voice, writing, sensorial embodiment, different body practices and dance.

  • Anne Juren, born in Grenoble, is a choreographer, dancer and performer. She lives and works in Vienna. In 2003, she founded the Wiener Tanz- und Kunstbewegung association together with visual artist Roland Raagas. Juren’s choreographic pieces and artistic works are shown in theatres and museums, at festivals and biennal exhibitions worldwide. Juren seeks to expand the concept of choreography in her work.

    She explores the physis, the sensory system, kinaesthesia and sensuality by challenging the boundaries between the private and the public. Anne Juren has been a Feldenkrais® Practitioner since 2013. She is currently a member of the Artistic Committee of the Master in Choreography programme at DOCH (Stockholm) and is writing her phd thesis at the Stockholm University of the Arts under the supervision of André Lepecki and Sandra Noeth.