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18 - 29/06/2021

Liberty Square, the centre of Poznań and the heart of Malta Festival, is one of several dozen venues to be filled by Generator Malta, the festival’s outdoor community programme dedicated to the city and its residents. This year, the Generator will focus on topics related to doubting localness, global cynicism and urban desires. It will comprise a variety of projects and events taking place between residential blocks, on rooftops, in vacant spaces and green squares, developed by artists, students and activists from all parts of Poland.

The residents of three neighbourhoods will be invited to work with the Generator resident artists: Adam Martyniak, Michał Mioduszewski, Arek Pasożyt, Karolina Włodek, Kamila Wolszczak and Marcin Zalewski, who deliver socially-involved projects on a regular basis. Rhe artists will reflect on doubting localness, look at social change from a bird’s eye view and build a temporary rapport with the communities that will allow them to go on a journey beyond the local to discover a different perspective.

At the invitation of Generator Malta and on the initiative of Krzysztof Łukomski, an interdisciplinary creative collective will emerge consisting of members of two activist art groups: Team.work and Intervalo-Escola. They will create and provoke situations, events, discussions and objects around the topic of doubt with a focus on Liberty Square and its users, based on various contexts, settings and interactions.

The Generator Malta soundscape will be provided by a large-scale sound installation that will appear on Liberty Square at the end of a series of interdisciplinary work-shops. Designers from the School of Form and composers from the Academy of Music, in cooperation with architect Jola Starzak and composer Rafał Zapała, will analyse the acoustic surroundings, sonic potentials and the social context of the Generator venue to create the Sound of Liberty. Moreover, the young designers will be faced with the challenge of using media in public space. Generator Malta will also become a presentation platform for a social campaign on public housing and tenant issues, to be developed during a workshop with Jaśmina Wójcik.