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19 - 28/06/2020

Army of Love
GalleryArmy of Love

community action / Liberty Square

‘Our goal is to rectify several things. We want to examine the paradigms that shape our being in the world, and to make visible certain norms that are imposed upon us in terms of society, culture, nation and species. The core of our action will consist of open activities for peace: workshops and interactive tours of Liberty Square, whose specifics will create a plane for debating and negotiating the Rectification content, in addition to performance art.’

Adelina Cimochowicz is a visual artist and activist based in Warsaw.

Cristina Ferreira is an interdisciplinary artist focused on issues concerning displacement, foreignness, multiculturality and language through participatory art, interactive installations and performance art.

Aleksandra Polerowicz works within the fields of art and activism, motivated by a sense of global and interspecific accountability and solidarity.

Barbara Prądzyńska is an actress, performance artist, art manager, and theatre maker and educator. She works within social contexts in Poland and abroad.

Anna Siekierska uses art and activism to affirm the community of all beings and speaks on the behalf of other species that are exploited and discriminated by homo sapiens.

performance art / pl. Wolności

Loving is an exceptional process. We share love, experience it as something unique which we usually associate with people, objects or beings that are important to us. Army of Love is formed by those who practice sharing all-embracing love: various forms of caring, longing, sex and respect with all who need it. Army of Love explores the social foundation of our love preferences, and demand love for the excluded, abandoned and nonobvious.

dance performance and workshop for young people culminating in a show

Stereo 48 are a group of dancers who see breakdance as a way to reclaim their freedom of movement which they have deprived of growing up in Nablus, Palestine. In 2000, the city was surrounded by checkpoints, and since the time when Israel began to see it as a hub of attacks on its citizens, the residents of Nablus have been regularly forced to remain within its limits.

In addition to their artistic projects, the dancers provide a safe place for workshops intended for young Palestinians. They believe that dance has the power to release and share emotions and dreams, which in an area of armed conflict is something that is not readily available.

858. ARCHIWUM OPORU [Archive of Resistance]
installation, workshop / Liberty Square

In 2011, when public spaces in Egypt became full of demonstrators against Mubarak’s regime, national television showed empty streets. Subsequently,the Mosireen Collective gathered hundreds of videos from people who captured the events with their cameras and mobile phones. The Archive contains 858 hours of indexed footage: thousands of photographs and documents. All together, they show thousands of narratives of the rebellion told from hundreds of perspectives. These comprise a set of tools which we can use to challenge state-controlled history and to build new stories.

SANATORIUM / Anna Siekierska
permaculture garden

The Sanatorium aims to preserve the Szyc Stadium in Poznań as a space where vegetation develops without human intervention: a habitat for all forms of life. The goal is to build a symbiotic relationship between the residents of the city, whilst emphasising the marginalised presence of our non-human neighbours. The hyper causal power attained by humankind must go hand in hand with accountability and duties towards other species.

nationwide meeting of Polish activists

On the first festival weekend, voice will be given to activists who care about human dignity: the dignity of people who are just like us with their dreams and ambitions, people who want to live without permanent fear and who are deprived of such possibilities by armed conflicts or regimes. Together with Poznań Garage Sale, we will organise a nationwide meeting to share good practices and to plan joint action in the future.

charity sale / Liberty Square

Poznańska Garażówka [Poznań Garage Sale] is a collective who seeks to provide material aid to people who have experienced displacement and to prevent their social marginalisation. For the third time, a charity sale of books, clothes, records, tickets, pastry, etc. will be held in Liberty Square. This time, the organisers will work to raise awareness of how the EU-Turkey agreement impacts on refugees and the conditions they are forced to live in Turkey. The organisers will personally hand over the proceeds to the new youth centre at the Turkish-Syrian border.