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19 - 28/06/2020

Korona Poznania [The Summits of Poznań] during Malta Festival Poznań 2018 / photo Klaudyna Schubert
GalleryKorona Poznania [The Summits of Poznań] during Malta Festival Poznań 2018 / photo Klaudyna Schubert

MAPY SENTYMENTALNE [SENTIMENTAL MAPS] / Agnieszka Chlebowska, Barbara Prądzyńska
public archive

For several months of meetings, workshops and walks, our researchers have been collecting memories, legends, old photographs, movement trajectories and sensory associations with places. The residents’ narratives will be used to create sentimental maps of several districts in Poznań, namely Naramowice, Wilda and Grunwald-Północ. The project finale will feature performance walks where the past will meet the future and collective memories will overlap with personal stories. The newly-drawn maps of local experience will record the unique everydayness of the stories.

Autorki / Authors: Agnieszka Chlebowska, Barbara Prądzyńska
Oprawa graficzna i skład / Graphic designer and editor: Karolina Wojciechowska

meetings at the top

For the fifth time, we are going to conquer the Summits of Poznań by climbing to the top of the city’s high-rise buildings. This year, we will use the sky-high perspective to reflect on the chances of metamorphosing today’s world. A democratisation of views will provide an opportunity to take a look into issues that are generally inconvenient and disregarded. The rooftops will be used to examine the potential of heterodoxic thinking which is not afraid to confront contemporary crises.

Koncepcja spotkań / Concept: Mateusz Nowacki