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21 - 30/06/2019

photo Alice Brazzit
Galleryphoto Alice Brazzit
  • “The unicorn’s origins are barely known. Their roots were lost while distracted generations of human beings followed one another. What happens in the collective imagination when a mythological figure appears without a myth that founds and justifies its existence? A fragile and eradicated symbol comes into existence. I want to give them love, a story, a choice. I, Chiara Bersani, 98 cm tall, I self-proclaim the flesh, muscles and bones of the unicorn, I’ll take the responsibly for welcoming its long-standing bewilderment”.

  • Chiara Bersani is an Italian actress and author active in the field of performing arts researching theater and contemporary dance. Both as an interpreter and as a director / choreographer she moves through different languages and visions. Her works have been presented in Italy and in several European countries. As an interpreter Chiara has collaborated with various authors including Alessandro Sciarroni, La Tristura, Babilonia Theaters, Marco D’Agostin, Jérôme Bel. She won a UBU prize for best actress and performer under 35 in Italy.

  • creation&action:
    Chiara Bersani

    sound design:
    F. De Isabella

    light design:
    Valeria Foti

    stage manager:
    Paolo Tizianel

    dramaturgical advice:
    Luca Poncetta, Gaia Clotilde Chernetih

    moving coach:
    Marta Ciappina

    aristical advice:
    Marco D’Agostin

    Elisa Orlandini

    Eleonora Cavallo

    administrative advise:
    Chiara Fava

    diffusion and comunication:
    Giulia Traversi