Urban relaxation course. Pleasure lab


ROD Bielniki






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Different crises that crisscross in our urbanized everyday life, muffling the senses and ingraining stress in the cells of our bodies, led the young artists to the Allotment Gardens where they had been meeting since April. The starting point for the programme located in Bielniki Family Gardens were powerful emotions experienced in the uncertain, crises times and the deep need to practice rest and presence far from the images and sounds of worry.

The laboratory of bio-diverse pleasure invites us to a sanctuary of relaxation, in which the nature’s symphony is intertwined with the manifestations of the artists’ creative sensitivity. That is the place where we can experience the unique ecology of the city. Surrounded by the calming sounds of bells and bowls, we will look at the images of diverse, spontaneous vegetation sprouting from the bowers. Smelling incenses which do not come from Nepal, drinking self-made hyćka [trans. a drink made from elder blossom], we will take part in eco-artistic experiments.

This shared experience will end with a concert of the band Róża with the opening act by AZ-YL.