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Directed by: Olha Hryhorash; cast: Alena Varaksa, Oleksandra Saraieva, Anna Slatova, Liudmyla Yeremeichuk, Anastasiia Radkovska,
Julia Kościuczyk, Nataliia Shapoval, Nataliia Akhtyrska, Olha Hryhorash, Vlada Rudenko, Oresta Skop; photos: Michał Antoniewicz.

The play Life explores the traditions, mythology and rituals associated with different stages of women’s lives. It presents private versions of rituals connected with growing up as a girl, giving birth, and honouring one’s ancestors. Life is inspired by myths, epics, rituals and ethnic music of the Eastern Slavs. It is, however, a contemporary story that is familiar to many women. The performance is a multi-voice tale of three Slavic languages: Belarusian, Polish and Ukrainian.