Lunch on the grass #2




pl / fr


admission free

Festival in the park. Lunch on the grass! From Monday to Friday, the Malta Festival artists (Générik Vapeur, Maryna Dashuk i Igor Shugaleev, Blyzkist, Klubokawiarnia My, Pablo Ramirez Gonzalez i Diego Gutierrez Valladares) would like to invite you to help them make sandwiches, salads, seasonal veggie pastes and herbal infusions. They will share their favourite recipes, and because they come from different countries and regions, you can expect some unusual flavours. Making food together is a great opportunity to talk in various languages. Seriously and casually. About life, art and the world. With friends and strangers who saw the same performance the day before. And on Saturday and Sunday, the local cafés and restaurants will bring in their baked goodies. On Sunday, the proceeds will be donated to people with refugee experience in Poland.