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Concept, execution: Olena Siyatovska

The artist gives us an opportunity to listen to some intimate stories of women fleeing Ukraine: ordinary accounts, as well as harrowing ones. Set up in the city centre, a radio station functions as an alarm siren warning of danger, the need to be vigilant and to show solidarity. It reminds us of the air raid alarms which Ukrainians hear many times a day. The work intercepts and subversively uses radio, which is a medium that is repeatedly exploited for spreading hatred. The project was selected from the No Title open call.

29.06 / 19:30
#1 Yulia, Mariupol (a shorter version)

30.06 / 19:30

#2 Daria, Kherson

01.07 / 19:30

#3 Olga, Kherson

02.07 / 19:30

#1 Yulia, Mariupol

03.07 / 19:30

#2 Daria, Kherson