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21 - 30/06/2019

photo Maurycy Stankiewicz
Galleryphoto Maurycy Stankiewicz
  • This is a performance where the body is at the center. A single dancer creates and deconstructs her environment, playing in the landscape of visual meanings and possible references. The physical body functions rather as an infinite hypertext, referring the viewer to yet new associations. The dialogue between real and imagined raises the question of what the body actually is, how we perceive it and to what extent we can consciously construct it. 

  • Anna Nowicka is a dance maker and a Saphire® practitioner, weaving her artistic research out of imagery work, dreaming principles and attentive embodiment. Her kaleidoscopic approach is an integration of choreographic & studio practices with personal development classes. The research is mainly possible through a continuous support from the Art Stations Foundation. Her new work “Eye Sea” will be premiered in December 2019 at HAU3 in Berlin. a www.annanowicka.com

  • concept, performance:
    Anna Nowicka

    Mateusz Szymanówka

    Adam Świtała

    Tanja Padan / Kiss the Future

    promo photo:
    Katarzyna Szugajew

    light design:
    Aleksandr Prowaliński

    fot.: Maurycy Stankiewicz

    In the frame of WIDENING THE FIELD choreographic program by Nowy Teatr, Warsaw and Art Stations Foundation

    Joanna Leśnierowska