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21 - 30/06/2019

International Theatre and Film Festiwal Young Malta 2019

As the organisers of Young Malta International Theatre and Film Festival 2019 we’d like to invite you to participate in the festival events between 3 and 7 June in our school – Zespół Szkół Da Vinci, 10 Kutrzeby street in Poznań, in the bulding of Collegium Da Vinci.

Our festival, the sixth edition of which we are preparing this year is a place where young people from five European countries meet and, through the language of theatre, share their emotions and experiences, as well as discuss difficult topics that bother us all.

This year’s idiom of our festival is „Let’s Colour the World” because we want to colour this dry, sad world with the joy, creativity, integrity and energy of young people.

The official opening of the festival will be held on 3 June at 19:00 in Aula Artis of Collegium Da Vinci. You’ll have a chance to see a performance by the group FLESZ from Na Tak Association.

During the festival – between 4 and 6 June – there will be performances prepared by our visitors – theatre groups comprised of young actors from Poznań – High Schools No. 4, 5 and 12, British International School Of Cracow, Seelze Gymnasium in Germany, a school located next to Barcelona in Catalonia, a school from a Spanish town situated nearby Santiago de Compostela, one from Mafra in Portugal, and Theatre 23 from Chernihiv in Ukraine. As guest performers we’ll see a group of psychology students from SWPS University.

In total – 60 participants, 18 instructors – 11 plays, 2 films.

During the festival the theatre groups will take part in musical, theatre and video art workshops and the results of their efforts will be shown at the official closing ceremony on 7 June at 18:00 in Aula Artis.
A detailed programme of Young Malta Festival will be sent to you soon.

Hope to see you here!

Sylwia Pielin-Sołtys
Young Malta Festival Coordinator